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the state of the art...refined

david zucker and the sound experience

The Sound Experience's President and Founder David Zucker enjoys the finer things in life. His passion for great sound dates back to his first exposure to high-end audio when he was thirteen years old, and later fully blossomed when he explored New York City's better audio shops, always on the lookout for the latest and greatest hi-fis.

As an adult David's interest in fine food led to studies at the Culinary Institute, working at the Four Seasons restaurant in New York City, and later owning a four star restaurant in South Florida. He's been a master chef for twenty-five years and now with audio, David's quest is the same, "My business is making people happy. I want them to have a wonderful time and experience the very best sound."

It's how it makes you feel...

It's unfortunate that today's mass-market audio brands have been commodities to the point they're soulless appliances. Here at The Sound Experience our components and speakers are, by contrast, designed and built by passionate artisans, people who live and breathe fine audio. We're talking about Ferrari levels of quality and performance; our components and speakers are conceived without compromise. David spent years surveying the high-end landscape, attending the shows, and perhaps the most crucial element in the journey, making personal connections with the leading proponents in the field. They are all remarkable people, all love music, and passionate about bringing recorded music to life. With speakers, David learned from the masters that it's all about how a set of speakers sound in a room. Matching the speaker to the acoustic space, it has to be right.

David listens to every product he sells first in the "laboratory" in his home system. There he gets to know the ins and outs of the gear, because luxury products have to do more than perform well, they have to feel good. At The Sound Experience the technology is just the back story -- fine music and a comfortable, welcoming environment take precedence. The total experience has to be sublime, as David put it, "We're going to be a very different kind of audio shop."

Of course, describing the pleasures of great sound is no substitute for experiencing the elegance and sophistication of these beautiful creations in our lavishly designed showrooms. David will be your guide, but when you sit and listen, it's really up to you.

David's early audiophile experiences laid the foundation for this new venture. He was dismayed when dealers dropped the ball after the sale, "They never came and properly set up the components." The finest audio systems need exacting setup to perform at their best, when a dealer merely sells gear he's letting his customers down. That's why The Sound Experience provides comprehensive installation for all of the equipment we sell, and since the technology can be intimidating, we make sure our customers fully understand how to use and enjoy their new music systems. We wouldn't have it any other way.

The Sound Experience primary focus is stereo music systems, but we also build beautiful home theaters.>

The state of the art...refined.

You don't have to be an audiophile to appreciate how a first class audio system can elevate your mood. Your favorite music should make you feel great, relieve stress, and bring joy into your life. David's "recipe" for soul-stirring sound is based on more than merely assembling a best-of list of the world's elite brands, no it's all about carefully matching just the right components with your lifestyle. So whether you love Abba, Louis Armstrong, Zuben Meta or Frank Zappa, David and the staff at The Sound Experience will seamlessly integrate the components and speakers into your home.