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Owner David Zucker listens to every product he sells first in the "laboratory" in his home system. There he gets to know the ins and outs of the gear, because luxury products have to do more than perform well, they have to feel good. At The Sound Experience the technology is just the back story -- fine music and a comfortable, welcoming environment take precedence. The total experience has to be sublime, as David put it, "We're going to be a very different kind of audio shop."

amplifiers and power


Jeff Nelson's high-flying company, Boulder Amplifiers, is based in Boulder, Colorado. The world audiophile press has consistently lauded Boulder preamplifiers and power amplifiers as the absolute pinnacle of solid-state design and engineering. We think Boulder's sculpted metalwork is truly inspired and the internal design is just as immaculate. Boulder introduced its first CD player this year.

Visit our showroom and learn how choosing the right power can make a world of difference.

audio reproduction units


Oracle Audio's Delphi Mk V turntable and CD 2500 Mk II player are stunning, complementary designs, ideal for music lovers equally passionate about LP and CD playback. Incredibly enough, Oracle's design criteria for analog and digital components is remarkably similar.

You are invited to bring in your favorite vinyl album and take our turn tables for a test drive.

home theater and video


Wolf Cinema is dedicated to producing the finest professional grade projectors available on the market. Wolf’s DCX line of projectors stands for professional Digital Cinema-like quality, powered by industrial-strength Xenon lamps known for their long life and reliability.

Class-leading contrast and light output and excellent performance out of the box